This information is provided for information only and must not be considered as investment advice. You should seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision.


We have been an ACD since 2001 and have provided third party services to funds since 2003.  As with everything we do, we think long term. We are careful about who we work with to protect our existing client brands, which in turn protects our sustainability. Selecting an ACD should be more than a cost based decision as the ACD has ultimate responsibility for the operation of funds and safekeeping of assets.

The below are things that we consider carefully and suggest that you ask yourself or ACD:

Do they have robust corporate and product governance, what is their regulatory record?  What does this say about their conduct, do they pose risk to investors and could they cause reputational damage to your brand?

Margetts' Board of Directors is constructed of executive directors and non-executive directors.  Our executive directors are senior managers of the firm and are also owners of the business.  Our non-executive directors are independent and bring a wealth of experience in compliance and governance. Read more about Governance.

What is their capital requirement and do they hold sufficient capital above this?  Has the ACD been prudent in its risk assessment and how much of a buffer does it hold in case things go wrong?

We have a track record for prudence. Our Operational Risk Committee consider worst case scenarios and consider the costs of managing a 1 in 200 year event.  This cost is considered alongside other regulatory requirements to reach our capital requirement.  We then hold an excess amount of capital just in case.  View our Disclosures for more information.

Are they sustainable?  Have they got a good track record for service, do they provide a wide range of services to investors, are they profitable?

Margetts has been through several market cycles and global financial crises; we have managed each without disruption and have managed to maintain a track record for profitability, which provides reassurance that we have a sustainable business model.  Most of our services are provided in-house, which gives us a higher level of control over costs and quality, but also allows us to develop services for our clients without significant third party costs of development.  Read more about our investment choices or navigate to Services at the top of the page to read more about the services we can provide.