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Our Company Values

We will add value

This essentially means that we will offer services and products which we believe will add value in excess of the charges we levy. We will think from the perspective of our investors and put ourselves ‘in their shoes’ when designing, changing and discontinuing products and services.  Returns are not guaranteed.  Capital and Income are at risk.

We will be kind

We will, at times, have a considerable advantage over competitors, suppliers, investors and other categories of organisations or people. These advantages may take the form of knowledge, financial backing and access to professional resources such as legal or accountancy services. Despite any advantage we may have, we will seek the fairest course of action and resolution to any situation, not the remedy which most benefits Margetts.

We will fight for what is right

We will apply our resources to correct injustice which we identify that affects our investors or the fair and efficient operation of markets in which we operate, even if this action is not in our commercial interests provided it does not expose the firm to unnecessary significant risk.

We will be smart

We will invest in our people and our business in order to continue to adapt and improve our services. This will include training and developing our staff and Directors, learning and implementing new technologies, applying new ideas and being aware of our competition and regulatory requirements.

We will enjoy what we do

We will encourage each other, recognise and celebrate our achievements. If we enjoy what we do, we are more likely to perform our duties to a higher standard.