This information is provided for information only and must not be considered as investment advice. You should seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision.

What Are My Investment Choices?

Options that may affect the costs of your investment, tax implications and the way you can monitor your investments.

Share Classes

Each of our funds has a choice of share classes, which provide different properties:

Income or Accumulation - Income (Inc) share classes make regular payments of any income generated by the investment assets. Accumulation (Acc) share classes reinvest the generated income back into the fund, to compound the growth.
Charges - Share classes can have different charging structures to suit your needs. Some may have an initial cost, with a lower annual management charge, which may be beneficial to investors that will hold the fund over longer periods of time. Equally, for investors seeking flexibility, some share classes will have lower or no initial cost and a slightly higher annual charge.

For investors with more significant holdings, or institutional investors, some share classes might offer lower charges, but require a higher value investment.

Products and Wrappers

Funds can be held either in a general investment account or through a wrapper:

GIA - General Investment Accounts are held when a wrapper is not used.
ISA - Individual Savings Account wrappers allow you to gain tax advantages by holding investments in an ISA. You have to hold the investment in your own name and be over the age of eighteen. There are annual limits which apply to these investments. This is option is available without charge and uses a specific form
JISA - Junior ISAs allow you to invest for minors, within certain limits. As with a standard ISA, there are tax advantages.
APS - Additional Personal Subscriptions allow ISA allowances to be transferred between spouses and civil partners in the event of death.
Pensions - Our funds can be held in personal pensions.
Platforms and Fund Supermarkets - The funds can be held on most platforms, which provide their own wrappers and access. This option provides flexibility to hold other investments all in one place, but will often mean that we are not able to provide a direct service to you.

Other Services

When holding your investment directly with Margetts we are able to offer the following services:

Regular Investment - We can setup a regular investment to suit your needs. A direct debit can be setup to automatically make an investment into your portfolio of funds.
Regular Withdrawals - You can setup a regular withdrawal to sell part of your investment at regular intervals to suit your needs.
Auto ISA - Auto ISAs allow you to move GIA investments into your ISA to ensure that you take advantage of the ISA wrapper automatically.